Land surveying services Geelong

At Contour Geocontsruction, we have a great passion for land survey solutions and take pride in delivering projects in Geelong accurately and efficiently to the highest standards. With our passion for technology and its current presence leading the way in survey and construction, we can assist you in delivering your projects at the forefront of their potential.

Our friendly team and our services can assist you along the entire survey and construction journey—beginning with land surveys and estimates, right through to conformance reporting on constructed works.

Find out more about the civil design and land surveying services in Geelong that we offer below.

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3D civil design models

Contour Geoconstruction specialises in 3D civil site design services in Geelong. Our 3D models greatly help in many areas of civil construction. With our history and knowledge in civil construction,...

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3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning creates a highly accurate point cloud by analysing real-world objects and environments on your site. This is also time and cost-efficient and provides great value to various...

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Aerial mapping / drone surveys (UAV)

With our aerial mapping services in Geelong using drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), we are able to produce high-resolution imagery of your site, as well as full 3D reports....

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Civil design management icon
Civil design management

When it feels like the plans are changing every day, we are there to capture any plan updates and changes throughout your project. Contour Geoconstruction’s civil design management in Geelong...

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Civil earthworks takeoff & estimating assistance

Civil works, earthworks, and construction projects involve a lot of different elements that are essential throughout various parts of the process up until completion. Contour Geocontsruction’s calculation and estimating services...

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Construction survey as builts icon
Construction survey as builts & conformance reporting

An important part of completing a project is making sure that all boxes that were drawn prior to and during the process are ticked. At Contour, we have the experience...

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GNSS/GPS on site setup and positioning icon
GNSS/GPS on site setup and positioning

Contour Geoconstruction is experienced and highly knowledgeable in GPS & GNSS correction and positioning. We provide our expert services to clients in Geelong for various building and construction projects. In...

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Land surveys

Our team at Contour Geoconstruction are committed to providing the highest quality land surveying services in Geelong. Our ultimate goal is to increase projects’ efficiency and effectiveness by presenting all...

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Machine control 3D design icon
Machine control 3D designs and support

With automated machine control leading the way and becoming the new standard for civil construction. Contour Geoconstruction are specialists in 3D machine control systems in Geelong. A 3D machine control...

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3D laser scans of Epworth Geelong

Contour Geoconstruction provided complete 3D data scans for the Epworth Geelong in a time and...

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Aerial mapping of Geelong site

Contour Geoconstruction used drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), to capture aerial maps...

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